Ben Pinder is an interdisciplinary artist who creates a surreal visual mythology and cosmology that subverts traditional American masculinity. Pinder’s imagery draws from early woodcuts, medieval iconography and children’s drawings to create a playful, funny and yet sharp critique of American myth-making. Pinder’s drawings, sculptures, and videos operate at the intersection of high art traditions and low-brow Americana, piercing through the pride and fantasies of a hyper-masculine society and creating alternative realms to inhabit. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Ben was raised in Vermont, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania and is currently in New York. Among other venues Ben’s work has been exhibited at Brooklyn Arts Council, the Icebox Project Space in Philadelphia, Smack Mellon, Wassaic Projects, and The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art. He received his Masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute and now lives in the Hudson Valley.


Past Projects





"Corrigenda" follows a man who looks to the stars and yearns to make contact with the constellations of gods he sees in the sky. The original soundtrack serves as an additional character, serving almost as narrator for the wordless scenes. "Corrigenda" is a collaborative effort between Ben Pinder and Justin Wixson. In keeping with the spirit of theater and old silent film screenings, the soundtrack can be performed live, and the video is changed and edited for each performance.





Other Stuff

I make music as 'Pennybin', listen to it on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Visit my interactive, family scavenger hunt and art activity at Wassaic Project.

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